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February 2022
Microfluidic Foundry reaches the milestone of 100 customers.
November 2020
Microfluidic Foundry delivers devices for Stanford project of High-throughput Screening of Red Blood Cell Flexibility for COVID-19.
Enabling detective, preventive, and curative technologies for COVID-19:
COVID-19 research methods and Microtechnology-Enabled Solutions in Overcoming COVID-19
July 2020
10x Genomics is selected for the 2020 Xconomy National Awards Finalists: Building a Biotech.
Microfluidic Foundry is proud of being the nominator.
January 2020
Global Foundries CEO, Thomas Caulfield, is selected for the shortlist of the IoT World "Leader of the Year" award.
Microfluidic Foundry is proud of being the nominator.
August 2019
Microfluidic Foundry welcomes Scientific Advisor, Juan G. Santiago, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University and Director of the Stanford Microfluidics Laboratory.
Professor Santiago's experience and authority will be great help to our service to microfluidic communities.
May 2019
Microfluidic Foundry is acknowledged by Ebola virus detection technology development.
April 2019
Microfluidic Foundry qualifies as a registered service provider for Stanford University and Sandia National Lab.
March 2018
Microfluidic Foundry is an invited attendee of the IoTBuild US event and see Attendee List.
February 2018
Weekly MEMS February 9, 2018 (Page 17) and MEMS Consulting reports on Microfluidic Foundry.
January 2018
Microfluidic Foundry is approved as a registered supplier to BD.
Microfluidic Foundry is granted US patent for its microchip that directly reads moving speed by US Patent and Trademark Office.
December 2017
Microfluidic Foundry receives certificate from Berkeley Law Executive Education.
October 2017
Microfluidic Foundry delivers devices to BD Life Sciences.
September 2017
US small business office holds a SBIR road tour at Berkeley. Microfluidic Foundry is granted one-on-one meeting with Department of Energy and National Institute of Health. See our flyers Speed Sensor Chip, iDiagnostics Chip.
August 2017
Microfluidic Foundry is invited to give a talk on MEMS Manufacturing 2017.
April 2016
Microfluidic Foundry visits Intel discussing on intended collaboration.
November 2015
Microfluidic Foundry is one of the 5 finalists for the 2015 Elevator Pitch of 2015 MEMS Executive Congress.


Particle Tracing
Chaotic Advection
Poiseuille Flow
Couette Flow
Stokes Flow
Magneto Hydrodynamics


Etch Glass
Etch Silicon
Fusion Bonding
Anodic Bonding
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Metal Film
Insulation Layer
Injection Molding
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Temperature Sensor
Pressure Sensor
Density Meter
Flow Meter
Nano Filter
Wind Speedometer
Electrochemical Detector
NMR Cell
Impedance Cell

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University and Director of the Microfluidics Laboratory.

- Juan G. Santiago
   Scientific Advisor

Managing Director of Berkeley Biomolecular Nanotechnology Center - QB3 at University of California, Berkeley.

- Paul Lum
   Scientific Advisor

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology and Director of the 3-Nano lab.

- Ke Du
   Scientific Advisor

PhD (2001) from University of Pennsylvania and a senior microfluidic technology developer.

- Mingqiang Yi, CEO
   Board of Directors

Entrepreneur and technology investor.

- Wilson Wang
   Board of Directors

Entrepreneur and technology investor.

- Aaron Rong
   Board of Directors